wonderboy72 (wonderboy58543) wrote in rockin_couples,

pointfest 16!!!!

so yesterday was pointfest, and it was the greatest day of my life, it always is, but this was different, it really showed me alot. like just how much i love julie. and this isnt another of one of my pointless rantes about how much i love her, last night really opened my eyes. even thought it was the best day ever, towards the end of thes how i got incredibly depressed, i was sitting in the crowd on the lawn crying, and for no reason, which scared me, i was sitting there, with all my friends, at pointfest, while the urge was playing, and i was crying, i dont even recall what all happened between 9:30 til the time i woke up this morning, and i still dont know what was bothering me, but going throught that last night showed me how much julie and i love one another. i was sitting there huddled in a ball, and she came over to see what was wrong, she didnt really help the situation, noone really did, but the fact that she cared and was there when i needed her meant alot to me, and that helped, just having her around me, pulled me through the night, i can honestly say i dont know if i would have been alright without her, i love her so much, with all of my heart.
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