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Everything Is Amazing

When Your in Love

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welcome to the most exclusive gathering of the greatest, most perfect couples ever! and this level of perfection is based on the unreachable awesomeness of roman and julie. to get in to our fan club you have to be perfect, no acceptions. what level of perfection is up to you, but perfect none-the-less. our love transcends all you could imagine, but you could come close as of yet we havent found any who come close to our feelings for each other. so now if you can make it into our awesome ranks, you have to say why you deserve to be there...

roman-hello there, as you prolly already know i love julie. but what you dont know is how much. she means the world to me, she is my world. there is no posible way i could be any happier, ever. shes all i can ever think about. i think about her all day and dream about her at night. she is the most gorgeous person ive ever met. i could get lost in her big beautiful blue eyes for days. when im around her its like walkin through heaven. i love her more than anything

Julie-I love roman more than anything. He means the world to me. Hemakes me smile with just the thought of him. I have never been as happy asa i am with him. I could lay and snuggle with him for hours upon hours. When he tels me he loves me i melt. He is the greatest person i have ever met. I love him more and more everyday

~"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye."
-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

~"To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead."
-Bertrand Russell

~"Nunc scio quit sit amor."
Lat., "Now I know what love is."